Mandhla to the rescue.

Today after I finished transferring my pencil scribble into a laTex2e formatted pdf – and submitting it to UNISA; Sandra declared that we needed to walk down to my parents’ home since we had no coffee left in the flat.

So, we wandered down the streets, walked up the driveway and into the outdoor brick-paved garage area.

Immediately I noticed a scrabbling sound from the thicket area that borders my parents’ property with the flat next door.

There was a Hardee-Dar (a kind of bird that goes “Har Deeee Dar” whenever it feels the urge) trapped between the two wire fences. It needed to somehow scramble upwards – but not being good at much except flying and screeching “Har Deeee Dar” meant that the bird was not equipped with the ability to work its way out of the quandry. Instead it was trying repeatedly to squeeze through the tiny gaps in the fence. It was clear that not only was that impossible; but that the bird was not quite smart enough to realise that this solution was impossible – and I could see that it would keep trying to do the impossible until it got tired… and then it would then relax; until it could try again.

Sandra thought that maybe a wire cutter to cut a whole a tiny bit bigger in one of the fences would be a solution. But, lo and behold, the fence was to hardy to be cut. Good thing that, as it makes its harder for burglars to get in. So she got a small hacksaw; and was on her hands and knees in the thicket. I think she was not succeeding; and I suspected her solution would not work.

And then Mandlha came wandering up the driveway.

I pointed out the problem to him.

He put down his bag, walked into the thicket; grabbed the bird firmly by the neck and the wings. Sandra was shouting protests; telling him that she was sorting the problem out. But Mandhla, just smiled; and pulled the bird up and out from between the fence.

He showed it to me; smiled and threw it into the air.

Sandra soon came out from the thicket; looking a bit worse for wear; and, little silly.

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