Did you know?


Did you know that Sandra is not bossy, she is just in charge of making my life better?

Did you know that there a student in Sandra’s homeopathy class that says he can hold his breath until he loses consciousness?

Did you know that it was my fault that Sandra forgot her bag and text-books in the foyer of the building; because I should have thought that maybe she would do that?

Did you know that I think Sandra knocked the salad dressing onto the floor; and Sandra thinks I knocked it?

Did you know that any event its my fault; because I should have davka stopped it from happening?

Did you know that Sandra uses me as a test subject for what she hears in the lectures?

Did you know that today I was subjected to having my pulse measured at different places when I was trying to nap?

Did you know that a culture of study and learning is developing in our flat?

Did you know that I am already working on my 3rd UNISA assignment? Did you know that this one is on computer structure and architecture involving machine code programming?

Did you know that Sandra needs another coffee?

Did you know that I have lost 5 kilograms in 6 weeks?

Did you know that I still have 15 kilograms to lose in order not be overweight?

Did you know that it is Robbie’s birthday next week?

Did you know that we are probably going to the cinema to watch “Finding Neverland” tomorrow evening?

Did you know next week there is a “Homeopathy Dinner” for all homeopathy students and their partners?

Did you know that right now, as I type these letters, Sandra is speaking to her mother on the phone?

Did you know that I am stopping now to go and watch “The Practice” on SABC 3?

Well… now you do.

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