The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

When I was a little bit younger and a little bit shorter my parents decided to buy an Apple 2e computer. Robbie and I used to play with it avidly; and one of the games we used to play was Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy.

The game was actually written and designed by the author of the best selling book.

The game was a text based game; as in those days graphics were too slow to be used for this kind of thing. I used to play this game compulsively – until one day I somehow when trying to save or delete a saved file. Or save another file or something.

I am not sure how I did it – to be honest – I deleted some essential code for the game and it became unusable. Since I had not bought the game legally, and I was very young and short, I was stuck. I think I got 50c pocket money a week and Robbie got 25c a week in those days.

So I moved on to other games and projects.

Many many many years later I got hold of a DOS copy for windows and finished the game.

For some reason, I had always had issue that I had not completed the game.

I had got to the part when I had teleported into my own brain and was working out how to destroy my common sense.

So I finally completed the game about 15 years after I started it, and achieved a time of peace and satisfaction.

I still have that DOS copy running, on an old 486 PC; I have lying around.

And sometimes when I am feeling very nostalgic I start it up and play through the game. It never fails to amuse – and transport me back to when I was younger and shorter.

Anyhow, a new graphical version has been created by the BBC in order to celebrate the games 25th anniversary. (Actually two versions have been created.)

Its the exact same game; it just now has a visual component to go with it. I think the visual component actually makes some of the problems easier to solve.

I am sure if I had seen the “no tea” as a possession; as clearly, I may have solved the paradox genius problem earlier.

This problem took me the longest to solve.

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