Guests and angst

On Saturday evening we had guests at Park Lane. We invited Vigo and Sinead over for dinner.

In the afternoon Sandra has become very very frustrated because she spent four hours trying to create a table structure in Word 2003. She felt that the table that she had been given to fill in for her assignment did not have enough space for her to fill in neatly. However the more she tried to create an electronic version properly the more it got worse and worse. And four hours later she had not not done any of the assignment, the table was still not working, and guests were arriving soon. I had an unhappy wife.

Anyhows when I saw how much the assignment was causing undue angst, I sat down and created a table properly, and then copied letter by letter, everything she had done into the relevant spaces. Once I had achieved this Sandra became a lot more relaxed.

(When it was time to print out the table at 11pm on Sunday night, we discovered that there was no more ink in the printer! We had to go rushing to my parents’ house to sort this out.)

The evening itself was a great success. Very soon after Vigo and Sinead had arrived Sinead and Sandra had disappeared for an examination of Sandra’s wedding dress. We discovered that the couple had recently got engaged; and Sinead’s mind is full of wedding thoughts and plans and things.

Vigo also brought some chumus; and this was a perfect dip to add to our salad and carrot stick hors d’oevres. Vigo sells salads and whatnots to delicatessens and at markets. Recently he has added Sangria to his product list for when he supplies to functions. He has a Spanish neighbour that supervised his learning process with this drink. I said, “Ahh! Moshgiach Sephardi.” Vigo and I found this very funny.

And then, whilst sipping on white wine, we had a delicious cheese Gruyere cheese fondue; followed by lemon-cheese cake flavoured ice-cream.

There was constant chatting and laughter all night. Sandra and Vigo are in many of the same classes at the Technikon, and Sinead has decided to go to University as a mature student to study Psychology.

After dinner, Sinead and Sandra, thoroughly enjoyed going through our wedding photogrpahs; whilst Vigo eyed out the Playstation games he wanted to play.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening – one we hope to repeat soon.

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