Sandra now has three pairs of new shoes

This morning we went shopping at the Pavilion for new shoes for Sandra. She has been complaining for ages that she needs new shoes.

Now,…. shopping with Sandra is not an easy process.

It is not unusual for her to go shopping for hours and hours and try on thousands of items in millions of shops; and find nothing that is perfect.


Anyways,… after a lot of complaining by me, to please choose something since she says she needs them.

Now she has three new pairs, one pair of closed shoes, and two pretty pairs for going to fancy places. For example, next week Sunday, we are planning to go to the Marion Hill Monastory to listen to a classical music concert.

Sandra has also suggested that maybe we should get season tickets to the next season of the Natal Philharmonic Orchestra. Her violin teacher is a member of the orchestra and apparently she can get us quite a large discount. This would mean, that we would have nice seats; and that we would always sit in the same seats. A year ago I suggested the idea myself, but it was not met with incredible enthuisiasm. Now, that it is coming for her, I am quite pleased. So hopefully, soon our Thursday nights will include some classical music. Sandra already has the shoes she needs for Thursday evenings to be a success.

Sandra has a Chemistry exam in the coming week. Right now she is lying in bed with a tub of lemon cheesecake ice-cream and her chemistry textbook.

On Saturday morning we got a char to come and clean the flat. Sandra and her got on well. Her name is Star, and she used to work for Jenny many years ago. Anyways, she is coming again next Saturday. After that, if Sandra is still happy with her, she will come one day a week, during the week. Sandra thinks that Thursday may be the best day (if Star is happy with that day too.) This will be good, as Sandra does not have the time to clean. I do not either (and I do not know how, and when I do try – I always do it wrong.)

We also bought a 5000 piece puzzle this morning.

We both enjoy puzzling, so now there will be a puzzle in the lounge coffee table – for someone when they feel like puzzling a little bit. A 5000 piece puzzle, is quite a large puzzle, so it should entertain us for a few months at least. I find it can be quite relaxing to sit with a puzzle when I want take a break. (And its more constructive then staring at a television.)

My next assignment is a very difficult one. (Probably the most difficult). I need to take a deep breath, and start concentrating on it.

anyhows… later…

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