Stevie gets a full speaking cameo on television!

I have, to my surpise, seen Stevie twice on television. Both times were in adverts.

Well… Robbie just saw him in a trailer for the upcoming episode of Madam and Eve on Monday night on E.TV at 8:30pm!

because… Stevie has got a full speaking cameo role in this South African television series. The television series is called Madam and Eve, and its based on the cult South Africa daily newspaper cartoon of the same name. link

Here are some pictures and an in-depth analysis of the television show by the BBC. link

The show has won an international award.

Etv’s Madam and Eve was selected from 19 entries from around the world to receive the second prize (a bronze rose) in the sitcom category at the 42nd Golden Rose Competition in Montreux, Switzerland. link

Tashi Tagg also got a small role in this television series, and she wrote about the entire process from the phone call telling you you have got the role to the rehearsal and the actual filming.

This is very interesting if you are interested in what Stevie must have gone through, in order to prepare, for the almost a minute that he appears on television screens; across South Africa; tomorrow night.

Last week I played a small role in Madam and Eve. You probably all know that Madam and Eve is a South African sitcom based on the comic strip of the same name, and I thought it would be fun to share what it’s like behind the scenes on this kind of show. Through my eyes of course:).

Here is a link to her description of this process.

On other good news from the world of Stevie the University of Cape Town has hired him to direct the student production of Six actors in search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello!

Luigi Pirandello has won a nobel prize for his writings. link

An essential precis of the play according to London Online review :-

Luigi Pirandello received the Nobel prize for literature in 1934. It was awarded for his “bold and brilliant renovation of the drama and the stage.” His first expolorations of his central theme, truth and reality, took the form of novels. Later he turned to theatre to continue that exploration, in 1921 writing Six characters in search of an author. The six characters have assumed a life off the page and are demanding an author to write them into a play, their original creator having given up the task. The characters object to the way actors act out their drama, implying that only they know the true sequence of events and can represent themselves best. This is the premise of the play, and characteristically for Pirandello its aim is to investigate levels of illusion and reality.

Here is a link to a full summary of the play (as well a brief analysis of each act.) link

Mazel Tov, Stevie!!!

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