VOIP and Chemistry tests

Well, I now have set up Voice over Internet Protocol on my computer.

Go to Skype to set it up yourself. Click on this link to download it! link

This allows you to turn your computer into a telephone that works over the internet. That means that if you have a 24 hour internet connection, you can now make overseas telephone calls to other people with this software for FREE! If you have normal internet then it will only cost you the amount to make the call to connect to the internet to talk to people overseas.

This evening I chatted to my Uncle Jack in Jerusalem this way!

So, all of Sandra’s friends and relatives, this could be an amazing way to keep in contact with Sandra, at worst, at the cost of a normal local telephone call.

Nice, hey!

Anyways, Sandra has a chemistry test tomorrow and I have spent the late evening quizzing her. So wish her luck!


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