Long Weekend coming up!

I have a spider bite or something that was worrying me, so I took a walk across the road to the hospital to ask if I should worry or not.

Sandra came rushing after me, very excited that they may need to cut open the bite with a scapel. She was even very generous and offered to cut me open – as she has been learning how at the Technikon.

I ended up getting it examined by an Italian doctor who was more interested in my I.T.P. than in the spider bite. But he told me not to worry and that it should start getting better soon. (It has started getting better.) Sandra was very dissappointed in the lack of blood.

Last time I went I had an ingrown toenail and was operated on there and then. Sandra missed the opportunity to witness the pain and the blood (and give suggestions)… So she felt very let down that this time nothing fun happened.

Sandra seemed quite satisfied with her chemistry test; though she says she thinks she confused the definitions of atoms and elements. She says she went blank a little bit – as everyone does in exams. I told her I never went blank in exams. I think she ignored my information.

We are a quarter of the way into the month of Adar now.

The final and twelth month of the Hebrew calendar. (I know I know we celerate Rosh Hashana in October… but that is not actually the beginning of the year; rather it is the marker of the day the world was created.) Nisan, the next month in the Hebrew calendar is actually the first month of the Hebrew calendar.

This is meant to be the happiest month of the year; and joy is meant to be greatly increased during this month.

Anyone out there had any especially happy moments?


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