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Our bonsai tree has been dying. Sandra bought it for me on my birthday. (But she would not let me look after it; as she thought I would kill it due to mismanagement.)

Well, it has been dying anyways….

Sandra and I had our disgreements about what was going wrong. I thought it was not in the sun enough, and that it was being made to soak in water. Sandra thought it was getting too much sun, and not enough water.

Well, the last weeks the leaves have been falling off.

Then…. we discovered that Mike was a bonsai tree hobbyist. He said we must bring it over and he will take a look.

So we did….

His garden was a bonsai tree haven. We had a pleasant time being shown the different trees and how they need to be looked after. It was actually amazing…

He then looked at our tree. He was amazed that moss had been grown all the around the tree. He lifted it up; and the soil underneath it was dry as dry can be.

Apparently the tree we have is a savannah tree. The moss was preventing the water from reaching the soil; as it was diverting the water away from the soil. The tree was dying of thirst. Also the pot was not really deep enough for the tree.

He said that a lot of these commercial bonsai tree people; do things like this to make the tree look more attractive; but what they do is detrimental to the health of tree – thus many of the trees bought commercially die.

So Mike helped us repot the tree; and explained how we need to look after it.

A regular Mr Miyagi.


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