A bit rainy today

Well, I just dropped Sandra off at the Technikon and have eaten breakfast.

Yesterday evening I got a call from Andrea and Rudiger telling me that they had reached the game reserve successfully and had already seen an animal with one horn. (I told them it was a called a rhinocerous.) This morning they booked a tour that leaves at 4:50 am. I am guessing they should be ending their tour about now.

I wonder what they saw?

Yesterday afternoon and evening I spent hours trying to teach Sandra physics. This is not an easy thing to do at all. Sometimes I get very frustrated when something that seems so simple and obvious to me… seems meaningless and opaque to her. Her test is on Thursday.

I was planning on going to swim in the sea this morning. Buts its a bit rainy.

Its nice to be on holiday.

Oh… Rudiger asked Sandra what barley soup was; and, Sandra told him it was soup from Bali.


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