still uggy

I spent most of the week end in the bed trying to get rid of this cold.

Sandra made me snort salt water through my nose, as she said this would help. I did what she told me; it felt quite strange. Apparently, according to Sandra, her father snorts plain water through his nose every morning as part of his daily routine.

We just went for a dusk walk around in the neighbourhood; and then visited my parents. I heard that Stevie is very busy with more than one interesting project. But apparently its all hush-hush, and if it comes together there may be a media blitz (…and I do not know more that that… because my father decided that I do not need to know more that that.) Sounds very exciting.

I forgot today was mother’s day. (And I only remembered when I saw the Mother’s day card Robbie bought. Actually, I would not have noticed yet; so, rather, when Sandra saw the Mother’s day card that Robbie bought – and showed it to me.)

Sandra is studying the brain. I now know that its my cerebullum that I use every morning to drive to work.


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