Good relations with the wookies, I have….

Well we went off on Saturday night (Orli, Denzil, me, Sandra and Robbie) to the Gateway to see Revenge of the Sith. We first went to eat a meal at some place at the center. We were indecisive about which place to eat at, as we did not which of these joints were the least terrible. In the end we went to place none of us had been to before, and so, could not definitively say “No.” Well now we can.

The service was shoddy, the waitress pubescent, the manager incompetent and the food mediocre.

Lee, a friend of mine, was wandering outside wearing clown makeup, on stilts, juggling. He told me it was “weekend money.” I did not know he could stilt walk – but I did know he can juggle five juggling balls effortlessly. In Jerusalem when I lived at Givat Ram, there used to be a juggling class held in the hall near by where I lived; where two jugglers used to teach basic juggling. They could juggle nine juggling balls each effortlessly; and twelve together. Apparently they used to travel the world doing shows.

Anyways, we then went on to the cinema. I had booked us all tickets in the new fancy leather seat in the back rows of the Gateway cinema. Sandra was higly impressed – apparently in seats like those any movie is bearable. (Robbie said in seats like those any movie is enjoyable.)

So we all sat down in comfort (with huge legspace) and entered in the world set in a galaxy far far away.

My favourite line was Yoda’s:-

Good relations with the Wookies I have.

Robbie favourite line was Kenobi’s

Only a Sith thinks in absolutes.

Sandra was bored.

Afterwards, we drove back home, the five of us chatting away.

A nice evening.


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