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Well last weekend (wow has a week gone by already?) Schuuler was in town for a photographic assignment. He was contracted to take the still photographs for Standard Bank’s next advertising portfolio for magazine and what not. He spent the Saturday in Pietermaritzberg taking photographs.

Sandra and I joined him for dinner at Cafe 99 where we chatted and ate strange avante garde food. (I had chicken steamed in jasmine tea!)

One of the questions he asked, was what is Stevie up to? Schuuler’s assistant also was a friends of Stevie’s; and also asked what Stevie was up to at the moment.

And I did not know…

Now I do.

He (and his group) were awarded the tender to create a South African television series for the pay channel GO on Dstv!

(Click this link to see what is on GO today. ie if it were possible to click on a relevant day in January you would see Stevie’s show on the list! )

Wow. Mom, has said she will want all the family at Durban to watch each episode together at the Cato Road house.

I think it should start broadcasting in January; but I am not sure.


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