On the beach in winter…

Four of us 20 July

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Our president

Our President

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My influence spreads

Why spend hours wondering how to do something when you can ask ilan.


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Go Go Kart

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…you are feeling sleepy…

12 am sunday morning

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Geldorf says…


Bob Geldorf writes in the Telegraph in regards the vote on changing the laws of “habeas corpus” in Britain

Still today, 800 years later, Magna Carta resonates: “To no man will we deny, To no man will we delay, Justice and Right.” Is that not grand, worthy of your vote? Is habeas corpus to be traduced in one sad moment of political expediency? Do we not clearly deny and delay Justice and Right when we imprison a person for 42 days without charge?

What existential threat do we face greater than those of the past 800 years? What great terror exists today that not civil war, not world war, nor recent other terrorisms could make our forefathers change the fundamental basis of this state? What is so dangerous that our oldest statutes could be upended for such a ha’p’orth of momentary panic?

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Foiled again

I submitted an assignment a few weeks back in which I did not provide a complete answer to the last of seven question.

But often when I am stuck in a line or somewhere I think about the one part of the problem I failed to solve. And soon I will have a solution.. I hope.

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Hannah (pronounced Chana) Neshamah Pillemer arrived 12th March 1919.

Baruch Ha-Ba!

Update: For those who are confused its 19:19 pm and the year is 2008.

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knock knock

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